A massive phone dump...

So. I know, I know. I haven't blogged in two months. I apologize. I know I have a huge following of people just waiting to hear and see what I am doing. I have been up to a lot... Hopefully this will be a quick run down of fun pictures to remember and document the final bit of pregnant me.

Since I am in the final countdown.... (meaning one month or less of pregnancy left) I figured I should do a big phone dump. Get you caught up on life--- so I can start fresh and ready when this little bundle of energy joins us on the outside. 

I guess we need to go wayyyy back. All the way back to June. When I was just 27 weeks or so... 
Here is a quick run down of two months.... 

I got to see Katie! 

Lauren came to visit!!

Fourth of July fun with the Snider Fam! 

Thirty One Weeks----- 
In case you were wondering... Sierra Nevada Brewery is Disney World for adults. Awesome food. Super cool venue. Really fun place. 

Also.... I've been hiking as much as possible. 

Ryan started at his new churches... This one, Webster, was built in 1877!!

I traveled to Georgia and had two killer awesome baby showers! and a really fun weekend with my family! It was the last one before all the babies!!

(Just some of the amazing women that showed up to love on me and baby!)

One of my favorite parts of the weekend.... Having my baby's quilt QUILTED!!! It is incredible. I am in loveeeee with it. Seriously. 

Oh--- and I went to Cordele with the bestie.

and she took stunning photos of me.... 

Hiking at 34 weeks! 

Ashley came and spent a week with us.... 

35 and a half weeks... and I was thrown another beautiful shower. 

This lovely lady is so good to me! 

Thirty six weeks..... and growing. sorta. Okay, I actually don't think I have grown much the past few weeks. 

and then....... I GOT A NIECE!!!! 
Hello little miss Abigail! She's adorable. My brother is adorable.  

Mom is beautiful. 

And I am obsessed. I wish I could be there, but clearly with this child in tow its not exactly recommended. 

Thank goodness for FaceTime!

Saturday night we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary... although we decided it feels more like 8 or 9. We've been together 11 years.... so along the way the years just blur. We went to Hot Springs and had a perfect dinner at the most beautiful restaurant then had massages and a soak in the hot springs.

And well... that leaves us here. Today. 
Thirty seven weeks. 
A belly. 
Freshly painted toes (because I want to look good laboring)
and a cup of decaf (because this child woke me up at 4:44 and I didn't go back to sleep. And sadly, a cup of decaf is all the caffeine I can handle)

so. there you have it. 3 months in a snapshot... or two or three... :)


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