Somehow another month has gone by and our little lady is three months old. 
A lot has changed in the month of November. We had the hardest three weeks of our life---- Its a blur now, but this girl did not stop crying. or screaming. It was awful. 
And then, for whatever reason, on Ryan's birthday she woke up and was a new baby.  

It was the greatest birthday present everrrrrrrr. 

This past month we traveled to Georgia for Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family, and time outside! 

Eden met her cousin Abby! These two girls are only 4 weeks a part and are going to be the best of friends. I can't imagine the mischief these two will get in with their Grandpa Mac all while Momma Bee teaches them how to fish and play outside. 

She is certainly starting to get a little personality. She is chatty, has a very very high pitched squeal, laughs at her daddy constantly, is trying to roll over and can almost sit up without any help! 

Her blue eyes are so captivating and I find myself just staring at them. 

Eden is starting to turn into a little delight. Its been a good month--- hopefully the next one is even better! 

Merrrrry Christmas! From Lil Miss Eden Paige!


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