If you don't know me.... 

My name is Danielle.
Here is the basic rundown: 

I love the wind in my hair and the smell of fresh air. 

I try to be like Jesus.
I live in one of the most beautiful places in all 50 states... 
Asheville, North Carolina.
Crafting & quilting are my thing.
Being outside is a necessity. 

I love the power of medicine, and even more so the amazing intricacies of the body. 

Me & the Mister have two crazy pups. Leia is our 'big dog' and Mowgli the little peanut. 
They are complete opposites in every way. 

The MR. & I  bought our first home last year and have documented the challenges, the excitement, and the make-over under the cute yellow house tab.  

Our first baby is coming in September so the real fun is just about to begin! 

We live a simple life, but its a good life.
A really good one. 

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