Allison got married!

Over the weekend Allison got married! Allison is my 'first' sister and means the world to me. We obviously love her dearly as we named our first born after her! We had the best long weekend spending time with family and enjoying her beautiful wedding! 

Here is Eden with her Poppa---- 

Allison's big day! She took so much time out of her day to spend it with Eden. Here she is making Eden laugh. I loved having E around all day. It was fun watching her take it all in. 

I LOVE this one of Eden watching her Auntie so close!

Getting ready for the wedding was hard work though...

And well--- when its time to eat--- its time to eat. Notice her staring at the make-up girl. She was very interested in what was going on!

me and my blue eyed babe....

My beautiful oldest sister---

The bridal party! These girls are the SWEETEST. I mean- I am not surprised that Allison has sweet friends, but man. They all went above and beyond helping me and Eden all day. They did everything they could to make it perfect for Allison- and remained calm when someone's dress completely ripped open. Completely. Like a 2 foot split in the back, and this was BEFORE the wedding. No worries. I was able to sew it up--- and all without Allison knowing ;)

One of the only pics I have with my love :) Our sweet little family of three

And the beautiful bride...

My hero for the day... My mom! She came to help me and help me she did. She undressed me for each feeding. Carried my sweet bundle of joy around all day. Dressed the little peanut. Held her during the wedding. Entertained her and drove her around downtown Savannah while we were getting pictures made. I am really so lucky to have such an awesome mom. She gave up all weekend plans and drove across the state to hang out with us. She's the best.

At this point in the night E was done---- but we had to squeeze in one last picture.

The next day.... This little girl slept ALLLLLL day. It was exhausting!

But we did try to sneak in some pictures with her cousins---

Bed time- story time with Mema---

Real life with three kiddos. No way were we getting a pic... but we tried!

And just like that---- Ice is married. We are all kinda hoping that is the last wedding for a good long time. It was fun! But an exhausting weekend!


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