Two months

Well we have survived two months as parents. 
Eden is growing lots and lots. She solidly wears three month clothes--- although the footie night gowns are almost too short. She has big feet and wears 6mo booties. She :almost: sleeps through the night. Most nights are a dream in the newborn world. Only waking up once from 10-6. (Then going back to sleep until 9).
 Ryan is home part time which is amazing. We are so lucky to have this time together with our lil needy girl. Yes. She's a little needy. Perhaps all newborns are. She wants to be held 90% of the time... Including during naps and car rides. The car ride part is the most difficult. Oh and it's not just a hold. It's a hold with movement. Preferably bouncing on the yoga ball. I have gotten lucky in the rocking chair and by just swaying. But seriously. My abs and legs and butt should be solid from bouncing and squatting. 
Eden is also a fan of loud noises so we are constantly playing some sort of sound machine. The louder the better. This week it's been the vaccum. As soon as she starts to cry if ya hit her with that noise... Boom. Calm. The one plus here is my house has stayed impressively clean. 
The best part are the smiles and laughs and now Eden interacts with us.  Her little sounds are the cutest I've ever heard. Play time with daddy is when they really come out. It makes my heart melt. 

Everyone says time flys by, and yes. In the scheme of things it probably does, but the last two months have been the longest  (and hardest) of my life. Our last night just the two of us--- seems like years ago. Our trip to Oregon, a lifetime back. They say this is the longest shortest time, and I believe it whole heartedly. 

I am working on a list of things I wish I had known.... I'll try to post that soon. So that perhaps you knowing will be helpful. 


  1. sweet. would love to see you if you get to down to GA's west coast over the holidays?


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