30 by 30

that monumental number in all '20 somethings' mind is getting closer and closer to being who i am.
i feel like i do a fabulous job of living my life BIG, but its time to make a list and start crossing things off. im about to be 30. not that its the end of the world, but i want to make sure i am at a happy place when i turn 30. i want to be grateful for my 20's and think back when im old... man. i had a lived it up in my twenties.
so, may i present,
30 things I want to do before i turn 30.

some will certainly happen.
some may never happen.

but  i will try my best to make all 30 things come to fruition in the next couple years (ek!) of life.
join me if you want! make your own 30 by 30, or 40 by 40 or just a good old bucket list!
i think this will be fun. i hope to post a blog about each thing as i mark it off my list.
here goes nothin'!

1. hike the georgia, north carolina and tennessee section of the appalachian trail
2. TRAVEL!!! here are my dreams: go to boston in the fall, see the grand canyon, explore Chicago
3. continue my education... in some way
4. visit 3 2 new countries (one down! HAITI!)
5. read the entire Bible, cover to cover ((dont judge me that this isn't already crossed off))
6. buy a house

7. read 30 books, including one by jane austen, and one >500 pages. ill put the list in parenthesis as i start to knock them out (the silver star)(mountains beyond mountains)(5 days at memorial)<-- greater than 500pages. woo! (the lowland) (push)(hidden) <--- crazy page turner! i loved this one about love and secrets and woah. this would be the perfect beach book! (the fault in our stars) of course its good and yes you should read it. (off the record) a very scandalous page turner! (following me)  (carry on warrior by glennon doyle) oh my goodness. i LOVED this book so much. i highlighted and underlined and noted more pages than not. its a collection of essays about life and love and faith. i highly recommend this book. it will challenge your thoughts and make you laugh really hard. read it.
8. be more green aka sustainable. work hard on our garden. collect rain water. have a great compost pile. have chickens. eat happy meat--- but less meat as a whole. eat local.
9. take a cooking class, then cook a 5 course meal (cooking class was awesome! now to make that 5 course meal!)
10. get a tattoo

Final product. Agape. In Greek. 
11. run a half marathon or bike a long way <---- how about I mark this off and say that my 77 mile hike in 4.5 days was more bad ass than a half marathon. i do hope to run a 5k this year.
12.visit a Frank Lloyd Wright home
13. pay off my undergrad student loan
14. pay off Element & then buy another car
15. buy a round of drinks
16. meet Albert, our compassion child, in the Dominican
17.go wine tasting at a vineyard done this! a few times at the biltmore :)
18. find MY wine. and know the differences between other wines.  biltmore reisling. or 'housered'
19. go on a cruise
20. invest in a nice, classic watch  happy 28th birthday to me from ryan! its not "real nice" but i love it!
21. go 30 days without chocolate
22. deadlift 160#, squat 120#, press 95#

well that was a little quicker than i intended. here is my proof. thats 115# . i deadlifted 185# earlier this month. im pretty amazed at how quickly im shattering my weight lifting goals.... and i love it. im toned. strong. confident. and loving my body. here's to see how many more goals i reach in 2 years!
23. go on a trip with my mom, just me & her
24. maintain my current weight
25. give blood (you have NO idea how hard this one will be; harder than the 1/2 marathon)
26. write on my 365 day notecards at least 15 days a month
27. master the double under
28. mail a card to a friend or family member monthly
29. make a baby
30. throw myself a kick-ass 30th birthday party


  1. ok... so since you decided to put baby on the list I will respond... you and I will go to grand canyon and get a tattoo... before you are 30... that's three birds with one rock. done

  2. #29---that's all I got to say :)

  3. A little momentum on your list! Congratulations, macsnider!

    1. Thank you for sharing the lovely and exciting tale of your pregnancy and birth. To God be the glory, great things He hath done! I love the pictures of you and Ryan meeting Eden.

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